Picking the right travel adapter (Part 2)

Now that we have an understanding of the various factors which go into choosing an adapter, let’s look at what’s available.

In Part 1 of this guide we explored the ins and outs of what goes into choosing a travel adapter. In this part, we’ll be going through specific usage examples and the recommended adapter for each. Let’s get to it!

The Light Traveler – Phones, tablets, portable game systems, laptops

In this case I’d recommend the Glamfields All-in-One Travel Adapter. This is an awesome all around adapter that can charge all your devices at the same time. You would not have to bring your small device chargers with this (laptop you would). Simply plug them into the USB ports. I also like that is a USB C port for faster charging, and has a self-healing fuse that can be reset. If you are going to a single region and are only bringing a phone and its charger, you could easily get by with singular adapters like these. In the case that you are bringing a laptop, you can either bring its charger and plug it into the adapter. Or bring a more versatile charger such as the Satechi 75W Dual Type-C, plug it into the adapter and charge via USB C.

The High Power Traveler – Blow dryer, curling iron, hair straightener

You’ll need an adapter that can handle some serious wattage with those devices. I recommend the JARVANIA 2400W Power Adapter since it can handle 2400w of output without a problem. It also has 4 USB ports for charging other devices. You’ll want to make sure that your devices can handle a voltage range as some are only made for 120v. In the case that you do draw to much power, the included fuses can bail you out.

The Well Groomed Traveler – Electric shaver, toothbrush

If you’re coming from the Americas, it’s highly likely that your chargers for your shaver and toothbrush will not work with 220v. You’ll need a voltage converter in addition to the adapter. The BESTEK International Power Converter fits the bill perfectly. In addition to being able to down volt 220 to 120v, it has 4 USB ports for charging more devices.

Each of these adapters serves a certain purpose and does it well. If you don’t need voltage conversion or high wattage, you really can’t go wrong with the Glamfields one. I’ve been using it a while now and it has never let me down. Keep in mind that if your device can’t charge via USB, you’ll still need to bring its charger and plug it into the outlet of the adapter. I hope these articles shed some light on picking a travel adapter for you!

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