RUIZU Universal Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter

NTG’s Take:

The RUIZU Universal Travel Adapter and Voltage Converter appears to be a great travel companion. Most adapters are not voltage converters, but this one is. That means your 110v American electronics such as electric toothbrushes and shavers can be safely used with it. It also features 3 USB A ports and 1 USB C port on the bottom. I can’t verify the wattage coming out of the USB C port but it’s probably enough for lower power laptops.

More about this product

Not every traveler needs a voltage converter capable electric adapter but some do. Those with electric shavers, toothbrushes and other devices may only have chargers at work at 110v. This device solves both the voltage conversion and the outlet conversion. You can also charge 4 other devices at the same time with the additional USB ports. The device offers many internal protections to ensure voltage does not exceed safe bounds.

  • Perfect Travel Adapter and Converter Combo, Freely switching between the two modes by adjusting a switch button on the side of the product. 4 plugs can work in more than 150 countries (UK, Continental Europe, China, Africa, Australia, etc).
  • Converter mode: The travel converter adapter combo can step down voltage 220-240V to 110-125V(single voltage) to use your electric products. This will be a good thing for you traveling in high electric voltage countries, Please make sure the device you intend to use can not exceed 8A electric current limit before using.
  • Adapter mode: The universal travel and converter adapter comb can be used for most dual voltage (110-220V, 100-250V)appliances, for example: iPad, laptop, camera and dual voltage devices(electric shave, curling iron, hair dryer etc).
  • Safe and stable step down voltage converter, 8A dual fuse setting. CE/EMC/ROHS/FCC/LVD certified, this voltage converter comes with over-current, over-load, over-heat and short-circuit protections. Providing complete protection for you and your devices. You’ll receive 2 fuses for free at the same time.