iClever Bluetooth Foldable Portable Fullsize Keyboard

NTG’s Take:

Compared to the smaller and more compact mini keyboard by iClever, the iClever Bluetooth Foldable Portable Fullsize Keyboard functions more like a traditional keyboard in size. For those with bigger hands this is perfect. The key layout is very traditional so you won’t have to make any adjustments. It still folds up compactly and offers great battery life.

More about this product

It would be much convenient to use iPad, or other tablet and phone to answer emails, write quick social media updates, and jot down ideas for blog posts. The only drawback is the effectiveness from touch typing. But don’t worry, the iClever Foldable keyboard is designed to solve to the problem, and boosts your productivity without sacrificing the mobility.

Measuring in 6.46 x 4.65 x 0.63 inches, the ultra compact Bkuetooth keyboard will easily fit in your pocket, briefcase, purse or backpack. Keep typing for up to 300 hrs in a single charge thanks to its incredibly long-lasting rechargeable battery.

  • TRI-FOLDING KEYBOARD: Foldable full standard-size keys deliver user-friendly typing experience. Tri-folding design for easy carrying
  • iOS, WINDOWS & ANDROID COMPATIBILITY:Built-in Broadcom BluetoothiClever Ultra Slim Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with LED Backlight Better Your Trip with Stable Connection and Quick Response, for Both Big and Small Fingers Full-size Bluetooth Keyboard Equipped with full standard-size keys, you can fast adapt to this new keyboard for fluent and comfortable typin module with an operating range of 10 meters for iOS Windows Android Smartphone PC Tablet
  • WIRELESS & WIRED MODES: Easily connect both your wireless device and your PC with the keyboard simultaneously and switch between them with ease. Sync Up to 3 Devices
  • COLOR-CHANGING BACKLIT: Users can select colors from red, blue, or green, at two different brightness levels. Easy to see the keys in various situations, even in a dimly-lit room, a dark airplane cabin or any other occasions
  • ERGONOMIC & DURABLE DESIGN: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy texture for superior durability. 2 balance stands keep the keyboard balanced for a better typing experience

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