HUBSAN H117S Zino Drone

NTG’s Take:

The HUBSAN H117S Zino Drone offers a more a affordable price than the Mavic Mini while having additional features such as 4k video recording and target tracking. What it lacks is the refinement that comes with DVI drones, the smaller size, and the range. But all in all, this is a great drone for the money.

More about this product

The Hubsan Zino is an affordable quadcopter that comes with a host of amazing features. It has a lot to offer for a quadcopter in its price range and could set the tone for the manufacture of affordable drones in the future.

  • Hubsan Zino Ultra HD 4K aerial photography drone,folding design makes it convenient for storage and transportation
  • HD WiFi transmission signal for video and control, long range transmission distance of 1km
  • Way point function:draw a flight route on the app , Zino will fly according to your plan
  • Line fly mode: Zino flies in a straight line at a specified angle and direction that you choose
  • Image tracking:lock the target then Zino will follow and keep the target in the center of screen automatically

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