Tough Outfitters Sleeping Bag Liner

NTG’s Take:

Sometimes your hostel doesn’t have warm enough blankets, sometimes they might not be as clean as you’d like, sometimes you might be camping, and that’s where the Tough Outfitters Sleeping Bag Liner comes to the rescue. It is ultra compact and lightweight but gives you the peace of mind that you’ll always have something cozy to sleep in. It’s also very affordable and I’d recommend anyone traveling to bring some sort of liner or sleeping bag.

More about this product

  • LINE ‘EM UP! — If you’re like us, your travels can take you to some unexpected places. From Yosemite to your backyard, this sleeping bag liner makes sure you’re always prepared. It adds 5°-10°F to your sleeping bag’s temperature rating. And cleaning is a breeze – slip it out, pop it in the wash (or wash it by the river)! It’ll dry in no time. Fresh and clean, like a summer mountain breeze! We’ll knock your socks off with this.
  • TRAVEL LIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT. The first thing you’ll notice is how soft this liner sheet feels against your skin. Blended using 100% polyester, sleep like babies even in colder nights. It’s so lightweight, you’ll be taking it with you everywhere. This liner also includes a convenient carry bag for your adventure duo. With this liner, anytime is naptime. Carry on!
  • JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS CLEAN. If you’re like us, traveling and exploring new places excites your soul. And, yes, we’ve all spent the night on couches or hostels with questionable cleaning practices. Worry no more! Today, sleeping bag liners are becoming essential for the avid traveler. With this, you can now enjoy a good night’s sleep without coming in contact with dirty sheets. This sheet just got real!
  • NO TALL TALES HERE. Our sleeping bag liner is no exaggeration. We made this camping sheet s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s, keeping our larger friends in mind! So you can be sure to toss, turn, and stretch all night long without feeling cramped. This liner is elf-tested and ogre approved. Heck, James slept in one WITH his Giant Peach. The Stats: 85 x 37 inches (215 x 95 cm).
  • ONE TOUGH YEAR GUARANTEE. We put a one (1) year guarantee on all our sleeping bags and sleeping bag liners. We’re adventurers from California who have tested our gear in every condition possible, and we know you’ll love our gear too!