Volcano Mountain Sleeping Bag Liner

NTG’s Take:

I’d recommend any person traveling for extended durations to bring some sort of sleeping liner or bag. The Volcano Mountain Sleeping Bag Liner makes for a great option since it’s so compact and comfortable. I’ve used mine in hostels, to improve sleeping bag warmth, and while camping on warmer nights.

More about this product

  • COMPLETE YOUR CAMPING SUPPLIES – Put a protective barrier between you and that germy sleeping bag with travel bedding you can count on! Silky-soft, removable, and washable, Volcano Mountain sleeping bag liners are the hygienic must-have for every outdoor adventure! Sleep comfortably anywhere with your oh so cozy sleeping bag liner!
  • TRAVEL LIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT – Bring along a clean and comfortable camping sheet anywhere you go, while saving tons of space in your backpacking gear! Your liner by Volcano Mountain is lightweight and comes with its own simple-to-stuff sack (8.27” L x 3.35” D) for portable peace of mind.
  • SNOOZE IN ANY SEASON – Enjoy extra warmth in cold weather, use it as a stand-alone sleeping sack in the summer, and fully unzip it to create a large blanket for a summer snooze. Volcano Mountain’s versatile sleeping bag cover is your year-round backpacking and camping accessories essential! And with the special easy-grab zipper, you can quickly and effortlessly snuggle up or get some air.
  • COMPLETE WITH XL PILLOWCASE – Don’t leave your favorite pillow at home just to protect it from the elements! For satisfying sleep anywhere you rest your head, toss it in your sleeping bag liner’s attached, spaciously designed pillowcase instead. Keep your pillow safe and guard it against dust, dirt, and damage!
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY GUARANTEE – One night’s sleep on your smooth, breathable sleeping bag sheet, and you’re sure to be hooked. From using the very highest quality materials to attention to every single detail, at Volcano Mountain we’re committed to helping you rest comfortably anywhere. But like any good camper, we also play it safe. That’s why we cover your liner with our 1-Year Free Replacement Warranty!